Tuesday, 12 July 2016

summer sunsets

This is my first post since arriving in England a month and a half ago. England is such a beautiful country with so many picture opportunities the only problem is that it is often cloudy and raining. When I first arrived in England it was way too cold for me to even go outside, but there have been quite a few beautiful sunny days that inspire my photography senses. 
 What I missed was a photography buddy or a model. Alanah is a new friend. She is the kind of person I could just so easily click with. The first time we hung out we ended up talking for like 5 hours. I asked her to be my model and she graciously agreed. 
 She has never modelled before, so I was a bit scared she would be really awkward, but she was an absolute natural! She is just so photogenic it was so easy and natural to shoot these. Thanks Alanah for the laughs and thank you setting sun. 

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