Monday, 13 June 2016


This is Hannah. I have known her for quite some time and I have seen her blossom into such a beautiful young lady. This is the second time she has been my model and I must say she has definitely grown in confidence. 
I had promised her a photoshoot months ago, but I had such a busy schedule so we kept postponing it. So this photoshoot ended up being my last one in Indonesia. The last time I would scout for locations and the last time I would take pictures at my school. 
My love for photography started in Indonesia and was encouraged by one of my friends that agreed to be my model. Angela was such a lovely model and truly inspired me to create magic. 
I started taking pictures at my school with a little dinky camera and it wasn't until years later that I was trusted with a proper camera. I had to prove that I was serious about photography and I learned that it isn't all about the equipment you use.
In my 9th grade year I found my first photography buddy Stefanie. She taught me everything she knew about editing which was super helpful, because I didn't know anything.  
After Angela left I had a bit of trouble finding models and even more trouble finding motivation. I had run out of locations and ideas. Inspiration came and went and I didn't take pictures too often.
This year of 2016 has actually been the peak of my photography adventures. For starters, my best friend is a professional model and she was willing to do all my random ideas. She got painted on, had to lie down in random forests, and much more. Thank you Catherine. 
I also found a great photography buddy Elysea. We have the same style of photography so it was so easy to collaborate. She helped keep me inspired plus she was a great model. 

The next three pictures are my first attempt in some conceptual levitation pictures. Thanks Hannah for helping me with this even though it felt and looked a bit ridiculous at the time. 

My last photoshoot in Indonesia was a success. 

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