Wednesday, 9 March 2016


I have always let the rain stop me from taking pictures. I didn't think the lighting would be good enough and the pictures would be blurry, I thought my camera might get wet, and I didn't have motivation. 

I don't remember how it happened, how we, Elysea and I, got the ideas or inspiration, but we both missed taking pictures and decided not to let the rain stand in our way. 

I went to her house, I got caught in the rain while driving over, we changed into dresses, and went to her backyard. We were both very excited to try something new. We battled through the freezing rain and the struggle to keep the camera dry. Our most used instructions were, "don't look so cold," and, "it's ok you can close your eyes so the rain doesn't get in them." 

Taking pictures in the rain was such a magical experience I will never forget. The bokeh got my photography senses tingling. Looking at the pictures I can feel the joy and excitement again. Elysea is so beautiful and the pictures turned out better than I could have ever hoped. My favourite thing about them is the joy that they capture. I know better now not to let rain stop me from taking pictures.

In life, obstacles are often thrown our way, we can't always escape them, but we can choose whether we learn from them or are restricted and handicapped. Your attitude and your viewpoint often determines your joy and successes. Sometimes you have to open your eyes to see that a rainy situation can be much more than what it seems. 

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