Thursday, 1 May 2014

Wilkinsons. :)

This family is my favourite family. Their family and my family are really close and I grew up being besties with Poppy and Ruby. Every summer when my family goes back to England hanging out with these people is always the highlight of the trip :) so here are a few of the many pictures that i took (but am too lazy to edit.. sorry)
 I love you two so much! and I misssss youuuuuuuu! 

We went for a walk and found a frog. 

Ruby Wilkinson

We put the frog in the pond. :) 

Poppy :)  

 so while taking a walk we decided it was a good idea to make ourselves super dizzy: 

lying in the middle of the road..

Joseph! :) 

my mini photoshoot with Ruby :)
she's sooooooo beautifullllllllll :) 

we wrote our initials on the melted tar :)  

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